Cecilia and Thomas web hub

Cecilia is an economist, currently working at Centre d’études prospectives et d’informations internationales (CEPII), where she head the Trade Policy research team. She also cooked time to time.

Thomas is a molecular biologist working at Institute of Plant Science Paris-Saclay (IPS2) and self-taught Linux advance user.

Both of us bump into different subjects that can spread on various communities. They can be very diverse and not really connected with each others. On this page you can find different linked to ressources shared by Cecilia and Thomas.

Cecilia and Thomas web hub
Thomas scientific website

Found information about scientific work of Thomas on his dedicated web site. Research project, publications and other scientific news.

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Cecilia website

Found information about work of Cecilia on her dedicated web site. Research project, publications and other related news.

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Thomas computing blog

In addition to admistrated computer and server for his own purpose, Thomas also participated for some years to the French translation team of the Debian project and collected some tricks about system administration, programming and other computing staff. Mainly configuration of Debian software (server and client) and some information about programming.

Not very young nor updated, but they might still help some people.

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The Chef recipes

The Chef collect and test some recipes for you.

It is of course mainly the ones from the real Chef: Cecilia.

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